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PeperoniAI – Podcast


Episode package 4 min in length:

– Price per episode with 1 intro and outro of your choice lasting 5s
– Opportunity to commission a demo of a 30s episode/pilot, at a price of 30.00 € which will then be deducted from the final cost
– Strategic production consulting organized in various stages:

  • Strategic production consulting
  • Registration design
  • Item selection
  • Recording with professional studio
  • Advice on the choice of music and background noise*.
  • Editing and editing*
  • Logo and cover graphic creation*
  • Max two changes to submitted proposals
  • Royalty free music/branes

*These steps can be provided as consultancy or implemented in the form of production, depending on the project.


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Choose PeppersAI to easily make professional, high-quality podcasts.

4-minute episode package:

Price per episode, with 1 intro and 1 outro of your choice lasting 5s. Option to request a demo of a 30s pilot episode at a cost of €30.00, which will then be deducted from the final cost.
Strategic production consulting divided into several stages:

  • Recording design
  • Selection of items
  • Recording in a professional studio
  • Advice on the choice of music and background noise*.
  • Editing and editing*
  • Creation of the logotype and cover graphics*.
  • Maximum of 2 changes to submitted proposals
  • Selection and use of royalty free music

Additional information


Bring Your Voice Online

Have you ever wanted to share your passions, skills, or stories with a wide audience online?

Our Podcast Creation and Optimization service is the perfect solution. With the power of the word “Podcast” as your search key, we can help you create an engaging and professional podcast that will capture the attention of listeners around the world.


Customized Ideation
We work together to develop a unique and fascinating podcast concept focused on your specific interest or field.

Professional Planning:
We create a detailed roadmap for your episodes, including the number of episodes, length and tone of each episode.

Professional Audio Production:
Using high-quality audio equipment, we record and edit your episodes to ensure flawless clarity and audio quality.

Multi-platform Distribution:
We upload your podcast to major platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, to reach a wide audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
We use the word “Podcast” strategically in the title and description of your podcast, improving its visibility in search engines.

Graphic Customization:
We create eye-catching graphics for your podcast cover, making it visually appealing across all platforms.

Counseling and Support:
We will provide ongoing support and advice to grow your podcast over time, maximizing its potential.


Professional Equipment

The studio is equipped with professional equipment that can provide you with the highest quality audio and video at all times.

Equipment Brand
Condenser microphones AKG and RODE
Monitor speakers Presonus
Studio headphones AKG
Webcam Streaming Logitech
Audio Processor OMNIA 9
Software Editing

FM-World’s studio is located in Ferrara at the headquarters of 22HBG. It is equipped with all the best and latest technologies to be able to meet any radio and video needs.



FM-World StudiosPodcast

Listen to extraordinary musical works produced through the innovative Podcast at FM-World Studios.
Be captivated by a unique sound exploration where the Podcast blends harmoniously with creativity, resulting in extraordinary compositions.Our Team of experienced sound artists have honed their skills in theart of podcasting to create engaging and exciting musical experiences.It explores a vast repertoire of sound samples that highlight the ingenuity and originality of the podcast, offering a compelling and unprecedented listening experience.Join us on this boundless musical journey, where the Podcast is the key to unlocking new dimensions of melody and harmony.

FM-World Studios offers you a sound experience like never before: let the waves of the podcast carry you away.

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