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Create your own custom audiobook, bring the words to life with the help of our experts.


Price per folder, including 1800 characters. 50-page maximum. Ability to request a one-page demo at a cost of €30.00, which will then be deducted from the final cost.
Strategic production consulting divided into several stages:

  • Registration design
  • Selection of items
  • Tutoring for storytelling
  • Recording in a professional studio
  • Advice on the choice of music and background noise*.
  • Editing and editing*
  • Creation of graphic materials

*These steps can be provided as consultancy or implemented in the form of production, depending on the project.


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The audiobook provides an enjoyable and inclusive format for your readers to enjoy your book on a train ride, a nature walk or while moving around town. In addition, it will be a valuable resource for people with reading difficulties, such as those with blindness or dyslexia.

By creating an audiobook, you can offer a unique reading experience and reach a wider audience, including those who prefer to listen rather than read. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your story to life in an engaging and accessible way for everyone!

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High quality audiobooks to enrich your catalog!
Discover the added value of our audiobooks, perfect companions for ebook and paper book readers.

FM-World Studio and Narrator Michael Buttini bring you a team of carefully selected sound engineers and voices for an extraordinary listening experience.

We comply with the requirements of all stores, including Audible and Storytel, to ensure a smooth distribution for you.

With FM-World Studio, you can enjoy:

  1. High-quality services at low cost
  2. A wide range of services, from sound recordings to assessments
  3. Track cleaning from unwanted noise
  4. Professional readers operating in home-studio, to bring your stories to life


Voice is crucial to the uniqueness of your audiobook, which is why we at FM-World Studio and Narrator Michael Buttini entrust this important choice only to human readers who can convey the soul and nuance of each story.

The recorded tracks will be edited, post-produced and mastered by a team of experienced sound engineers, ensuring the best quality of the final product to satisfy every reader.


Writing and Production
of a successful audiobook

With our audiobook promotion consulting services, we will offer you the support you need to gain maximum visibility and reach your audience.

Targeted keywords and categories will be carefully chosen to maximize the discovery of your audiobook. The synopsis of your work will be carefully developed to capture the readers’ interest and curiosity.

Publication on different Platforms
You will be able to publish your audiobook on a wide range of stores, including those based on the download sales model and subscription-based stores for streaming listening.

Ease of deployment with FM-World Platform
With our e-commerce services of PeperoniAI Marketplace and FM-World Platform, distributing your audiobook will be a breeze. You won’t have to worry about complicated choices because we will guide you in choosing the best store or distributor for your needs.


Espandi la Tua Offerta EditorialePerché limitarsi agli audiolibri? Affidati a noi anche per la preparazione e la pubblicazione dell’ebook e del libro cartaceo. Informati per i nostri Pacchetti Editoriali completi per un supporto editoriale a 360 gradi.Realizza il Tuo Sogno di Successo con i Nostri ServiziNon aspettare oltre! Realizzare un audiolibro di successo è possibile con l’aiuto di FM-World Platform. Contattaci oggi stesso per iniziare il tuo viaggio verso il successo editoriale!

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