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World Radio’s landmark multiplatform project now supported by an artificial intelligence model developed by 22HBG, for an unparalleled experience.


The multiplatform project
World Radio landmark

Through our App you can listen to the most important broadcasters in Italy and the world, see their radio broadcasts, download podcasts and have a multitude of audio channels.

Also, through FM-WORLD.IT are all the real-time updates and news from the world of radio, in the industry’s benchmark site.

FM-WORLD, published by 22HBG, has an international presence, bringing “made in Italy” radio to the world.


Powering The Future

The FM-WORLD ecosystem is supported by an Artificial Intelligence model developed by 22HBG for an unparalleled experience.

In the App, I’ IA suggests radios for you to choose from following your listening habits, while through the “shake” of the phone the “mood of the day” function is activated through which you can receive listening suggestions based on your mood.

The search function on the site and in the App is enhanced byArtificial Intelligence through in-depth semantic queries and advanced matching algorithms.

Our lA will help you generate content for jingles, spoken speeches or even entire spekerati segments for your radio station.

Advanced APIs

At the service of FM-world®.

FM-world’s system is easily integrated to develop ad hoc services, thanks to its API.

Whether it’s a radio player on a site or a collection of radios to listen to inside motorcycle helmets, FM-world is the best solution for embedding a radio aggregation and listening system into any third-party product or service.

There are already a number of partners making use of the FM-world API ,
you can be next.

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Our product consultant will guide you through a workflow showing you all the benefits of the FM-Word platform




The FM-WORLD.IT website is now the most important website in Italy for everything related to the world of Radio.

A hub for any insider or simple enthusiast, the site hosts numerous news and dedicated articles every day.

Thanks to FM-WORLD.IT you can check out the latest news, read interviews with your favorite presenters, and stay up-to-date in real time on everything happening in the radio industry.

You can also check out the frequency map and listen to FM-WORLD ORIGINALS podcasts , written and produced directly in our studio.


Radio aggregator

easy to use


Is the ultimate radio aggregation App. 
Scroll down and listen all the radio stations you want , watch their live TV broadcasts , organize your favorites page, consult the schedules and listen to podcasts , all from one App

Find the world’s radio stations via the map and ask the built-in artificial intelligence system to recommend a radio station based on your mood!

And if you are a Publisher, access the Radio Management System and manage all of your stations’ data directly from the dashboard of FM-WORLD.



Radio Management System


Get alerts when streaming is no longer available, initiate and manage your alerts and send notifications to managers, stay on-air!

Access the customized FM-WORLD dashboard and easily manage radios and networks, their data and associated services.

Through the Radio Management System you can rely on the creation of hierarchical user accounts that can manage various data related to your network such as:

radio collections, network-associated players, audio and video streams, programs and schedule, geolocated frequencies, and integration with XPERI.

Through the Network in fact, you can organize the management of your radios, your users and your bundles as well as radio data, including:

name, logo, site, contact information, genres and categories, FM and DAB frequencies by region.

Integration with
XPERI and Radio in car

Our partnership with XPERI makes it possible to integrate our systems into thousands of cars around the world, giving you the opportunity to expand your listenership exponentially.

The FM-WORLD APP is available in car on all Carplay and ANDROID AUTO systems.


Our radio players and aggregators work on all portable devices and smart TVs, such as

  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Roku Smart TV
as well as on all smart speakers


Outline of cross-platform project

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